What are Hammer toes

If you have a toe that is permanently bent downwards your might have Hammertoe. Find out more about this condition and treatments that can help.

What are Hammer toes?

A hammer toe is not a mini hammer used to hit toes with, hahaha!  Well what are hammer toes then?

A Hammertoe is actually seen most often in the 2nd toe where that toe is sitting in a crooked position and sticks up compared to the normal toes.

You will most often see a hammer toe next to a bunion.

When you have a hammer toe, you will find it hard to find comfortable shoes as many shoes will rub or press on the top of that toe.  Pressure and friction may lead to blisters, calluses and corns on top of that toe or on the tip of the toe.

Causes of Hammer toe

Improperly fitting shoes and poor foot structure such as flat feet.  Poorly-fitting shoes can hold the toes in an abnormal position and result in tightening of the muscles required to maintain that position. In particular, shoes that have high heels and are narrow at front tend to push the toes into an abnormal, bent position.

Treatment for Hammer toes

  • Measure and fit you into comfortable shoes such as a shoe with Lycra that will stretch around that toe and reduce pressure
  • Make custom toe pads to reduce the pressure
  • If the toe still bends, we may give you some exercises to do to help prevent stiffening
  • We will also assess your whole foot structure to see if there is anything that is causing you to walk abnormally leading to the formation of the hammer toes