Dry Cracked Heels

There are many causes of dry feet, here at Bruyere Foot Specialists we can find out what is causing the problem and also determine the best possible treatment.

Dry Cracked Heels

Are your heels rough?

Do you have a build-up of dry skin around your heels?

Do you feel that an elephant might actually have softer skin on their heels than you?

Well,  we can help you with that in a few ways…

Causes of Dry Cracked Heels

Sometimes people will have a build-up of hard dead skin around their heels because they have very dry skin.  It will often be thick, hard, yellow and can crack.  In some cases it can crack until it’s bleeding and this can be dangerous for people with Diabetes!

Other people can have a build-up of hard skin around their heels due to the way they walk.  For example,  if you have flat feet, there is a lot of excessive movement happening in your feet and your heel may rub inside your shoes and then build up extra skin to protect you.

You can also build up extra skin around the heels from wearing shoes that are worn out.  When you check the inside of the heel of your shoe, is it worn out?

Wearing certain sandals or flip flops can also cause a build-up of hard skin.  These shoes firstly don’t support your feet properly and also allow the heel to expand around the material of the shoe.  You are always better off with a closed heel sandal or a healthy version of a flip flop that has a cupped heel.

How we can help

Here at Bruyere Foot Specialists we can help you with your hard, dry cracked heels and have helped many people.  We can remove the build-up of skin and smooth out your heels.  We will advise you on a good cream to use to hydrate your skin.  We will show you what shoes you should be wearing and will look at the way you walk to see if you might need orthotics.