Bunions / Oignons

Do you have bunions? Learn what a bunion is and the best treatments for bunions.

How do I know if I have bunions?

Do you have a big bump at the base of your big toe?

Do you find this makes if difficult to get comfortable shoes?

Has your big toe started pointing towards the outside of your foot?

If this sounds familiar, you may have something called a “bunion”.  Many people suffer from bunions and get pain, irritation, rubbing, pressure or friction on the bunion.  Some people may even get calluses and corns due to abnormal pressures.

A bunion is when the joint at the base of your big toe is enlarged causing misalignment of the big toe. The misalignment causes the big toe to point outwards toward the smaller toes.

Usually a bunion is caused by problems with the way you walk such as having flat feet.  Of course if you have a tendency to wear high heels and pointy toe shoes, you will certainly put yourself at risk for getting bunions much more quickly.

What we can do to help your Bunions

The first thing we will do is look at your shoes and examine your feet.  We will check your joints, how they move and watch you walk.

Commonly used methods for reducing pressure and pain caused by bunions include:

  •  We can make specially designed pads to cover the bunion to protect it, eliminate the friction against shoes and help alleviate inflammation and skin problems.
  •  We will see if your foot structure needs custom-made orthotics to put your foot into a better position and reduce the abnormal stresses.
  •  We will remove any build-up of calluses or corns to give you immediate relief.