Calluses and Corns / Callosités et Cors

Corns and calluses are annoying and sometimes painful thickened skin that forms in areas of pressure.

What are Calluses and Corns?

Do you have extra skin on the bottom of your feet?

You probably have Calluses!

Calluses are an accumulation of dead skin that is most often produced from abnormal friction.

Does one spot of callus look like it’s got a darker centre to it?  That’s usually a corn.  

A lot of people think a corn has a root and if they dig it out and kill the root,  it will finally go away.   Sure, when a Chiropodist removes a corn, it will look kinda like a rose’s thorn and that’s why they hurt so much!

Causes of Calluses and Corns?

Corns are actually caused by pressure.  The pressure is often from tight shoes or from walking in an abnormal way due to the foot structure you have causing calluses and corns to form on your feet.

Treatment of Calluses and Corns?

If you are able to unscrew your ankle and place your foot on the table under a good light, then please feel free to go ahead and cut your calluses and corns.  Not to mention that you also need good eyesight for this!

Unable to unscrew your ankle:  well, most of us can’t do that so,  it’s best to avoid cutting your own calluses and corns so you avoid cutting yourself and avoid getting an infection.

A Chiropodist is specially trained in removing these annoyingly painful things.  We have good eyes, great hand coordination and the properly sterilized tools to remove them safely without risk of infection. We can then try to find the reason you are getting the calluses and corns and try to keep them from coming back as frequently and as thickly.

Proper footwear and custom-made orthotics are usually needed to keep you comfortable. We can trim and apply comfortable padding to the painful areas