athlete's foot treatment

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection that causes your feet to get itchy, red and scaly.  Athlete’s foot is spread when people go barefoot in public places where the air is warm and moist; such as public showers.  Depending on the type of infection you have there are different athlete’s foot treatment options you could try.


Please contact us here at Bryuere Foot Specialists and we can help you.  We will examine your infection and find the right solution to get rid of your Athlete’s foot and help prevent it from coming back.


You can prevent Athlete’s Foot by:

  •  Not walking barefoot, particularly in public pools and locker rooms.
  •  Reducing foot perspiration by using talcum powder.
  •  Wearing light and airy shoes.
  •  Wearing socks that keep your feet dry, and changing them frequently if you perspire heavily.

Athlete’s Foot Treatment?

Depending on the type of infection you have, various kinds of medication may be used in treating your fungal problem. Successful athlete’s foot treatment usually involves a combination of medication and self-care.


If your condition is not serious, over-the-counter and prescription powders, lotions, or ointments can often help treat scaling, itching, and inflammation. If your Athlete’s foot does not improve, we may prescribe stronger medication.


Note: Please consult your physician before taking any medications.